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Locations FAQ

How do I sign up my home, office building, studio, etc?

You can sign up with us here. After signing up with us, we will contact you and figure out a time to stop by to scout your property.

Will my property be insured if I sign up?

Every time we lock in a location for a job, we make sure our locations are provided a certificate of insurance. This covers any damage that could occur during a shoot. This certificate is provided after your property is booked for a job.

What are the steps after signing up my property?

One of our locations managers will book a time with you to come scout your property. This gives us an idea of the space and what areas can be filmed in and what areas are off limits. We also grab information from you to provide our clients for the day of the shoots. If your home is in consideration for a job or we submit your home for a job, we will notify you with the date and times your home could be used.

Do I need to be present during the commercial filming or photoshoot?

During the day of the shoot you do not have to be present for the entire process. We will have a location manager on set, (especially if requested to have a location manager to manage the location) otherwise we protect the property as best as we can before crew shows up to prevent any damage. We also make sure only client, crew and talents are on set to keep our job flowing as smoothly as possible. If you are home during the process, that is great, but the crew will be busy working away.

How will I be contacted for booking?

As soon as a job comes into our company, we will contact any property owner in our database who has a property that fits the description and alert them of the potential opportunity. We want to know the property's availability and if the owner is interested in possibly booking for the date requested. If after a while we have not contacted you back about booking the location, this is because we have proceeded with a different property. Please feel free to reach out as well.

How do I get paid?

Please read more here Payment FAQ PDF.

Can I bring/invite friends and family over to watch the experience?

Unfortunately we do not recommend this. This is a production and everyone on set is working to get the job done smoothly with the time frame we have. We prefer to only have client, crew, or talent on set to keep the bodies on set minimized and this helps keep our schedule for filming or photoshoots to complete efficiently. We are working on a schedule similar to another individual who maybe working at their work place to get a job done before the day ends.

How much will I be paid for my property?

Each property varies and each job varies. Depending on the budget of each job your property will be paid a different amount. Time spent at each property is also a factor in how much you will be paid. Please invoice your amount after a job to Cream City Works. You can read more on payment information at Payment FAQ PDF.

Who will be there during the shoot?

Each commercial, video, and photoshoot varies on how many individuals will be on set. Clients, crew memebers, and talents will be the only individuals on set. This can range from five total bodies on a set to 50 people. It all depends on the production but we will let you know prior to arrival. Everyone is there with a role to complete the job efficiently.

-- Client Questions --

I want to search for my own location using your database, what do I do?

Please request a location service and select the option that has "Search CCW's Database". After you have selected this, it will bring you to a window to pay for this service before you can start. Once paid, we will send you a link to start browing our catalog. This link does expire in 48 hours.

My link is expiring in 48 hours but I'm not ready to make a pick?

Please email us so that we are aware as well as making a note when you request to browse our database.

What does my company need to provide for the day of the shoot after we lock in our location with CCW?

After picking your location we make sure everything is locked in with the property including day rate, payment, and certificate of insurance. We will bring our own locations kit to cover, maintain, and clean up the properties we are at if a location manager is requested. If a location manager isn't on set, the production is responsibile for maintaining the property while they are there. CCW will stop by at each location the day of the shoot to make sure it is set for crew.

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