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Location Scouting

Describe what the scene is and Cream City Works will find the location you are looking for. Please submit a form of what your project requires. After receiving your form for a location scout, we go out and scout 5-6 options for you to pick from. This option is more costly due to the time and specifity given per job. This option also results in clients finding the ideal location needed.

File Pull

This option comes in handy when there is limited time and budget. After you submit your form for a File Pull we can go into our database and pull a few options for you to choose from. Again the more specific your request the better file pull we can give you. Because this option doesn't have CCW scouting, the ideal location you are seeking isn't always guaranteed given the budget and time restrictions.

**Please take into consideration: Location scouts are separate from location fees. (Location fees pays for our time at the location booked)

Search Your Own Location

This option is great for production with lower budget and more time. If you prefer to look for a specific location on your own using our database, that is an option too! In the form please specify that you would like to "Search CCW's Database". We do charge a fee for this service before you can start. After sending in the request to search our database we will send you a link to get started with directions. Please follow directions carefully. The link will expire in 48 hours. This choice is great for you to see what we have in our database but CCW does still have to reach out to the locations picked to make sure everything is available for the day production needs to take place.

Location Management

Have a location manager on set with you! We recommend having our location managers on set with the crew. CCW creates the relationship with each property owner and can maintain and manage the location during the day of the production while the crew focuses on their job. Our location managers come with their own location kits.

Submit Your Location

We're always on the look out for creative, fun spaces so if you or someone you know has a great look for a home, office, or barn, sign up with Cream City Works. Submit your property in our database and we'll contact you to discuss more for details on how it all works starting with a scout of your property. We make sure to protect your home while production is happening. Crew sizes range from 10 people on set to over 30 people depending on the production. The use of your property is compensated.

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