About us - Cream City Works

About us

We are explorers seeking to unite the community. We love everything creative and authentic. Helping people search for, and discover new ways to create is what excites us. As the premier production support company in the area, out of town production teams rely on us to hunt for just the right faces and places for their projects. We truly love this place we call home, so we have a ton of local knowledge to guide them in the right direction. If we don’t have the answer just yet, our team of resourceful explorers will search until we do.

Sitora Takanaev

Sophie Pipitone

Sarah Pearson

Sitora Takanaev, an award winning filmmaker, director, and producer, is the founder and creative mind behind Cream City Works.

As a writer and social media specialist, Sophie Pipitone brought her skills to Cream City Works where she assists in casting.

In effort to increase our already developed locations database, Sarah Pearson manages and scouts locations for Cream City Works.

Cream City Works

2018 S 1st Street #308. Milwaukee, WI 53207 


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